Buying a new apartment? Here are some good to know Vastu Tips

Buying a new apartment? Here are some good to know Vastu Tips

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Are you planning to buy a flat in Dehradun or Delhi or maybe in some other city soon? You might have done your research and checked the best locations for investment, amenities available within your budget, and so on. But have you also ascertained that your new home is Vastu compliant or not? Nowadays, using Vastu remedies is back in trend, and many believe it to be for a good reason. Whether it is aboutplacing the furniture in your house or the direction of the door – a surprisingly high number of people today are ready to negotiate on the size or design of their house to accrue the positive benefits of Vastu Shastra.

Though Vastu Shastra (The Science of Architecture) is a part of ancient India, several new age buyers have started following it recently. Vastu improves the positive energy flow within a house as well as the general well-being of the family members. Hence, consulting a Vastu expert has become imperative for many property buyers these days. It is to make sure that the layout and the architecture of their new house do not lack Vastu intricacies.

So whether you are buying a flat in Dehradun, a villa in Bangalore or any other sort of property, here are some good to know Vastu Tips:

Place of prayer

In Indian homes, we usually have thatone small area reserved just for worship. So even if it is a small picture of a God you pray to, you want that place to have the most positive flow of energy. To tune in the best kind of energy to your place of worship, make sure the location of worship is ideally located in the North-East area of your house. If you find that difficult, then even North or the East area of the house is acceptable.

Vastu for the Bedroom area

As per Vastu, it is believed that eating food, watching TV, keeping divine idols, etc. in the bedroom should be avoided. Also the bed ideally needs to be placed in such a way that the head is towards the South or West while sleeping. One should avoid sleeping with their head toward the North. Also, to maintain peace in the family and avoid conflict, the master bedroom should not be located in the Northern section but the Southern part of your new house.


While buying a new flat, ensure that the kitchen is not in the North-East area of the apartment. This zone isideal for meditation, prayer and also for the living room setup. Try to find an apartment where the kitchen is in the South-East area of the home.


The direction of flow of the wind in India is from North-East to South-West the whole year round. Hence it is best to place the bathroom in the South direction or ideally in the South-West area of the home. But if it is in the North-East corner of the home, then the wind entering your home will pass through the washroom and end up polluting the air of other rooms as well.


While buying an apartment, consider the opening of the block as your entrance. For improved health, the entrance should be in the North or the North-East side, while the South or West entrances are not advisable. It is because the rays of the Sun in the afternoon might be too harsh and not good for health.

Now in India, several home buyers are seekingVastu layouts and are even ready to negotiate on the design of the home. Many buyers want to ensure that the direction of the home is Vastu-friendly while choosing their property.