Big Brand Ways to Advertise a Small Business

Big Brand Ways to Advertise a Small Business

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One of the biggest obstacles for small business owners is gaining the reputation and brand awareness that much larger companies and corporations have. In order to gain a wide awareness, the business should attempt multiple promotional projects at the same time. This way, a large amount of consumers can be exposed to the brand multiple times within a very short period. After all: the key to remembering is repetition!

Radio Commercials

Short radio spots during low listening hours can be relatively inexpensive. So inexpensive that the business owner might be upset for not purchasing spots earlier on. Trying a few short radio spots daily or twice daily, in conjunction with other advertising, may yield surprising results. Radio spots are especially great for introducing odd products, services, or places; the listeners tend to be all ears as they drive home, commute to work, or sit at their desks.

Billboard Advertisements

While billboards may not be seen for more than a second or two during a drive with minimal attention, they are still incredibly effective. An LED display billboard is very attractive, increasing the effectiveness of advertising. Billboards are effective due to their familiarity. The same drivers will see the billboard day after day, likely for at least a month straight. Over time, they absorb every little detail of the billboard; potentially even memorizing tag lines and phone numbers, or even intricate details of characters or logos, during heavy traffic. That is about as effective as advertising can get!

Sending Flyers Through the Local Post Office

With flyers delivered through the post office, the small company can reach every household within the town or postal code. Since this method of advertising lands a flyer within each neighbor’s hands, it is far more labor intensive than other advertising methods. This might be the pricier method of advertising due to the labor involved, but it can be very effective for local services and products during particular seasons. For example, pest control advertising could be effective during the early spring, while home cleaning advertisements could be effective a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

By exposing consumers to the small company’s name repeatedly within a small window, they will be left with a lasting memory of the brand name; even if subconsciously. This same memorization may not be triggered if the name is heard 4 times in one year, rather than 4 times in one week.