Everything you Need to Know about End Citizens United and Who They Support

Everything you Need to Know about End Citizens United and Who They Support

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End Citizens United is a political accountability organization, located in D.C, that raises money to fight against corruption in politics, mainly economic corruption. This means, according to their own website opposing the Citizens United v. F.E.C. court decision that states a precedent of “corporations are people” in the United States. Monetary corruption in politics is a major issue in the United States, and this organization is attempting to fight against it.

Their president, Tiffany Muller, has a long history of interacting with grassroots progressive organizations and heads the organization with a philosophy of promoting growth to raise valuable money for the cause. As well, Tiffany became the first openly gay public official in Kansas They have recently started a campaign against what they call the Big Money 20, twenty U.S politicians who take donations from large financial institutions. People on this list include Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and more prominent politicians.

Throughout the 2018 year, the PAC has already raised $4 million. According to USAToday, they are also projected to to raise $18 million by the end of the year. In addition, according to OpenSecrets, a division of the Center for Responsive politics, in 2016, all of their donation money was spent on the cause, and it is almost certain that the full $18 million will be donated to the cause as well. However, this projection by USAToday may be even a little low. According to OpenSecrets, the organization has already raised $17 million as of 5/9/2018.

In recent news, End Citizens United has brought Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, to face criminal charges over campaign violations by the Federal Election Commission. This is as a result of his opening of a PAC that the End Citizens United organization has called out for violating campaign fairness laws. They have also endorsed multiple candidates for the Senate. Top candidates include Beto O’Rourke (a candidate who has refused any donations from PACs whatsoever), Randy Bryce (a veteran of the United States military and former union worker), Jacky Rosen (a sponsor of the DISCLOSE Act, a measure intended to increase transparency in political donations), Elissa Slotkin (a former CIA agent), Brendan Kelly (who has taken on various PACs and financially corrupt institutions in the world of politics (particularly pharmaceutical companies and big banks), and Andy Kim (also a candidate has refused any and all PAC donations).

ECU is dedicated to both supporting candidates who have financially honest and corruption free campaigns and policies as well as challenging and keeping accountable individuals who may be stepping outside the legal and ethical boundaries. They are constantly supporting laws and regulations for transparency in politics and for regulations of the economics of politics.

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