Keep your car healthy and hale during summers

Keep your car healthy and hale during summers

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Summers are almost here,and one of the many great things about summers is road trips we take with our families or friends. However, before you take out your car, SUV or pickup, ensure to follow these handy tips to keep your vehicle healthy during summers and travel safely.
1. Cooling system

With progress in automobile engineering, cars have almost become maintenance free in the past couple of decades and the old times of checking on the radiator and coolant levels are long gone. However, even now, your car’s engine performs the best at an optimum temperature.

Be sure to flush the radiator to get rid of any residual matter that may have gotten accumulated in there over time. It is relatively easy to check the coolant levels. You will notice that the coolant reservoir is marked with maximum and minimum level indicators to guide you. One important thing to check is the viscosity of the fluid.

It would be a sound decision to replace the coolant at least once every year. If you have not changed the coolant in your car for a while, then you should do it now.

The radiator also uses a fan to regulate the coolant temperature,andit would be a good practice to keep the fins of the fan clean.

  1. Battery

One of the leading causes of battery trouble is high ambient temperature. When you consider that battery trouble is one of the leadingreasons for a breakdown, you realise this needs attention.

Summers mean that the air-conditioner continually battles the heat and the blower fan works overtime,andthis is it takesa toll on the battery. Ifyou have not got your car’s battery checked recently, get it checked to ensure itis ready for the summers.Batteries are also prone to losing electrolyte during summers because of evaporation.

You should get the batteries replaced if they are more than four years old for they will hardly ever show physical signs of wear and damage.

  1. Engine oil

The engine is the soul of the car,and apart from the cooling system, the engine also plays an important role. The engine is kept lubricated by the engine oil,and it prevents wear and tear of moving parts like the piston and the cylinder. Engine oil loses viscosity over time,andfine metal particles start building up.

This build-up affects lubrication and friction leads to increase in the heat, which can even lead to engine seizure.

  1. Paint

You should wash your car regularly to remove dirt and other corrosive material.Dirt from the areas that are hard to clean can be removed by Pressure Washing. You can also use wax or polish once every month to enhance the life of the paint on your car. It is less than half an hour’s work every week. Also, whenever possible, park your car under a shade in the summer season. While parking it in the open, try and cover it to reduce the heat build-up.

  1. Tyres

You must maintain the tyre pressure as directed by the manufacturer. Driving with less than optimum pressure leads to higher than normal temperatures and it can even cause permanent damage. You should also keep a tab on thebalding of the tyres.

  1. Air filter

Dust storms are very common during summers due to dry weather and fast winds that keep blowing. It affects the breathing pattern of the car engine,and an Air-Filter can keep dust and impurities out of the air that enters the engine.

If the area you drive on regularly is dusty and full of gravel, the airfilter is going to need regular maintenance. You should change it whenever it is required. It is not an expensive component,and it helps the car to breathe better and improves mileage.

  1. Get vehicle insurance

Haven’t bought your car’s insurance yet? There are many companies selling vehicle insurance. Ensure to catch hold of one of the best car insurance companies that give you roadside assistance and repair in network garage facilities. With coverage in place, you can take your car anywhere in summer and enjoy a hassle-free ride.

Summer has already begun. It is time for you to follow the tips and enjoy summer holidays secured by personal accident cover, vehicle damage cover due to natural calamities, vehicle damage cover due to man-made calamites and drive confidently.

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