Now No Fear Of Data Loss As EaseUS is Available

Now No Fear Of Data Loss As EaseUS is Available

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EaseUS is a popular brand name under the data recovery field known as data recovery software. It has its reach over in more than 160 countries. More than 2 million people are its users for the file or data recovery. It allows the individual to recover all kinds of the files lost under the different situations. It is easy to use and flexible user interface which is preferred by the most individuals.

It is best as it recover the data from all the kind of the situation like hard disk crash, OS failure, malware, virus attacks etc. All kind of the files or data can be recovered even after long time after the loss. Emails, documents, videos, pictures all can be recovered on large basis by this software easily.

Packages available

Variety of the packages is available on the official site of the EaseUS. The choice has to be made from these available packages. The packages which are available are Free, Pro, Pro+Win and the technical packages. The free package is used by most of the individuals and the other packages are taken on paid bases by the companies and tech savvy. The free package can only recover up to 2 GB data. More can be recovered only if you go for the other packages. They recover unlimited data at one go which makes it more suitable for the large companies. Moreover they provide additional technical support and assistance. The individual has to download the particular software to use it for your purpose.

Scanning options

The scanning option available in this software includes two types. One is the quick scanner and the other is the deep scanner. The first mode does the work very quickly and takes very less time in the search process. The results are taken out on quick basis as file is retrieved easily. The memory is scanned over here in high speed to find out the result. If the file not found in this scanning then automatically deep scanning starts up. The deep scanner scans each and every section on detailed basis to find out the lost file. The scanning is deep rooted so it takes a lot of time. Wider area is covered under it.

After scanning the result is displayed on the screen for the preview to be done by the individual. The file along with the name will appear. The individual will check nit if it is the required file or not. If the file found is the required one than the individual can select it. After selecting restore option has to be selected. The file will be retrieved back. The import and export option is also available their which helps the user to save the time from scanning the whole disk again and searching for the file.

EaseUS is the popular recovery software which provides the best option for using it. It is quite user friendly and easy to use. Simple procedure has to be followed to search the particular file. The procedure for each individual remains same. Moreover the free version available of it makes it a great choice among the individuals.