Paperclip Lets You Add Links to Snapchat Posts

Paperclip Lets You Add Links to Snapchat Posts

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Snapchat Paperclip Lets You Add Links to Posts

Snapchat’s latest update allows marketers and all content creators to add links to their snaps using the just-launched Paperclip feature.

Snapchat Paperclip Feature

Snapchat Paperclip allows users to attach websites to snaps by simply tapping the Paperclip button located in the Vertical Toolkit. Anyone viewing the Snap can then swipe up to open the website in Snapchat’s built-in browser.

“Live video streaming offers retailers the ability to not only connect with their audience on a more meaningful level, but can also parlay their programming into monetization,” RetailMeNot CMO Marissa Tarleton told the Small Business Trends in an email. RetailMeNot is a multinational company specializing in the online coupon industry.

“The Paperclip feature from Snapchat allows the brand to continue to compete with other social platforms, and provides marketers a bridge between content on social and on their owned channels,” Tarleton added. “In turn, this opens up more opportunity for retailers to engage high-intent consumers with fun and informative content throughout the shopping funnel.”

Until now, the ability to add links to snaps was limited to paying advertisers, but it is now open to all Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) users. The feature is especially beneficial to small businesses as they can now add more commentary to snap and also direct users to their websites for more information. This simply means they can now close deals much faster. Affiliate marketers will also find the new feature gives them a chance to push for more sales using Snapchat.

Other new features in the update include voice filters, backdrops and on-demand geofilters.

Snapchat Paperclip Lets You Add Links to Posts

Voice filters allow users to remix their voices using a variety of character voice filters available while Backdrops allows you to cut a selected area from your snap and put a colorful pattern on it.

Overall, it looks like Snapchat will continue introducing new features as it continues to face fierce competition from Facebook’s Instagram.