Should you use anabolic steroids to lose weight

Should you use anabolic steroids to lose weight

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When we think of anabolic steroids first thing that comes to mind is celebs who have built a muscular body. But anabolic steroids can be used for many other purposes as well. There are steroids which if used in a right way, one can achieve weight loss and burn fat easily without the loss of muscle composition in the body.

Lose weight with steroids:

It is necessary to understand individual’s body type before they use steroids to lose weight and get cut fat. There will be specific indications using which bodybuilders and athletes lose weight and burn fat utilizing anabolic steroids.

Cutting cycles and anabolic steroids:

Generally these steroids are not used for cutting cycles. But there are few steroids which can be utilized to achieve this. Some of them are anavar, trenbolone, and winstrol. To get the weight loss benefits from these one must use the dose very carefully. The process of weight loss with these anabolic steroids will be really slow. But they will definitely help in reducing the excess fat and help in giving a toned and ripped look. This is the reason athletes make use of these steroids just before their competitions to gain that aesthetic look. This will help them to pop their muscles and to bring the veins to skin surface. Experienced steroid users usually chose trenbolone.


There are two types of adipose tissue or fat in the body. One is visceral adipose tissue and other is subcutaneous adipose tissue. The first one has less effect on appearance and it surrounds organs. The second has complete effect on the appearance since it is present just below the skin. Trenbolone has the ability to inhibit lipid intake by binding to androgen receptors. This results in blocking further addition of storage to subcutaneous stores. This is the reason one will achieve a cut appearance by the use of trenbolone since it burns subcutaneous adipose tissue.

If an individual is not interested in making use of anabolic steroid to weight loss, then they can chose clenbuterol. This comes with thermogenic and stimulant effects and it is a bronchodilator. Along with giving energy which is very much needed it has the ability to increase the temperature of the body. This results in increased metabolism. In a single cycle one can reduce at least 8-10 pounds if clenbuterol is used as per expert’s suggestion.

Either it is clenbuterol or any other anabolic steroid an individual cannot expect miracles to happen after their use. But of course they can be effective for bodybuilders and athletes if accompanied by good exercise programs and balanced nutritional diet. They will result in sculpted appearance which is very much required for bodybuilders and athletes. Both clen and anabolic steroids are considered safe only if they are used properly.

But the better way is to concentrate on the bulking cycle if it is really required rather worrying about burning fat and weight loss. Once the cycle is completed and achieved the desired results, then one can think about fat burning. It is not a good idea to use steroids for weight loss or to burn fat.